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I'm sad now. I'm learning about bipolar and how to help one's you care about who have it. It's overwelming. I can't believe the stuff he has to go through. When you think about it, they are some of the strongest people out there. The ones that live with it their whole lives. 1 out of five people with bipolar take their own lives. Francis has one of the more severe types, Bipolar Type 1. I have a tummy ache now, I had to stop reading it. There is so much to learn and know. I need to take a break right now though. I decided I am going to start therapy again. I read one of the best ways to help your partner is to help yourself. One of the ways they suggested is therapy. Sense I kinda need it anyway, I think I should start it again. I hope I can be there for him and help him. I know I can't fix him or solve his problems for him, but I want to be there for him and support him. At the same time though, I want to take it all alway so that he doesn't have to go through it anymore. He was depressed last night, and I couldn't do anything but just talk with him over the phone. It's just sad. =( I hope he makes it over here tonight so I can cuddle him...

Does anyone else know how I feel? How do you guys cope with it? I guess I just feel helpless because I know I can't do as much as I wish I could. Plus, I worry I might miss a sign that things are worse than they seem, and I won't be there for him, and yeah...

I think I'm just overwelmed atm. I researched it a little, but not to this extent. Now I have someone I care about who has it.
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