HappyLittleMoron (moronqueen) wrote in bipolar_so,

Brand-spankin' new here...

...so hi!

My husband was diagnosed as bipolar two years ago...it took a little over a year before he could find the right combination of medication/therapy to stabalize him. While he'd been diagnosed those two years ago, as we did more research and thought back, we saw more and more evidence of this problem spanning to at least a year before the diagnosis.

He hasn't worked since the diagnosis, which was actually right after we were able to purchase our house...and I've been supporting us both since with the help of his family...I'd finally been able to land a decent job this past January, and was able to quite the old one two months later, so...it's been very stressful on us both.

I'm very glad to have found this community...it's a great thing to find, because it's so needed.

...so there's the blurb...thanks!
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