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New here too.

I'm 43, and my beautiful wife of seven years has been diagnosed with Bipolar 2. She's got truckloads of willpower and manages to function most of the time, sometimes even when she's pretty miserable. There've been a few times when she couldn't even do that much. She's been continually misdiagnosed (for depression, for insomnia, etc.) for many years and it was only within the last year that she found out she's bipolar.

Just knowing that has helped her a lot, but not quite enough. She's tried several meds, and so far has had the most success with Lamictal (and I have another friend who's doing great with it too), although there are some unpleasant side effects, so she can't stay on it continuously. Trying Trileptal now, very small dose because she's shown very severe reactions when given the "normal" dose for some other meds. No results to report from the trileptal yet, but we're steadily increasing the dosage. So we'll see.

Anyway, hi.
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