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So, my partner is on abilify and lamictal. Fortunately, they make her stable and on the whole she does very well. The problem is one or both of these kill her sex drive. This is devestating to me, as I am incredibly sexual and even though I try very hard to be understanding, it's the single biggest cause of conflict in our relationship.

She doesn't want to open our relationship (which I can understand) and masturbating does nothing to satiate my desire for her. So I'm left feeling pretty awful a lot of the time.

For those who have experience with this, is there anything that can be done? I dont want her to mess with the meds she has now, but can anything be safely added specifically to boost libido? Are there anhy natural remedies that I could investigate?

I'm really struggling with this. It's not just the physical urge, it's the sense of being undesired and untouched by your mate and not being able to share an intimate part of yourself with the person you should be closest too.


Any help or advice at all would be so so so helpful. Thanks.
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