Mimi Pan (fnietzsche1844) wrote in bipolar_so,
Mimi Pan

Do you regret it?

I am writing to a community of people who love and care about their bipolar partners - otherwise why would you be participating in this community, or even still be with them? So I don't want my inquiry to be taken the wrong way. I'm young and am doing some "soul searching", I suppose. As I'm sure you are aware, it's been rough loving someone who is bipolar. My boyfriend is manic-depressive and the episodes have been getting worse. To those of you who are in marriages with a bipolar spouse - do you regret making that commitment years ago when love was easier? "Regret" may be too strong a word; I hope you understand my meaning. Please think about your answer and respond honestly. You can message me if you have a private opinion.

Thanks for helping me out.
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