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So how would you feel?

So if your boyfriend told you in the past that he loved you just as much as his ex wife, talks to other people in front of you about how good she is in bed, when she calls and tells him to break up with you he does, he looks at her pictures and comments on how beautiful she is, she threatens to kill you and he tells you to write her an apology letter, and says he will always love her would you think he still had feelings for her?
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he is manic.
leave. Who knows how his mania will end. he might decide to pee on a cop in public for fun.... just leave.
he is abusing you. Don't even check back in with him at all for a few months.
This. He is completely manic. From experience - nothing I did or said made things right when my husband was like that.
Listen, know that he is manic and that none of this is your fault. Everything you just said he does, my ex used to do. I kept wondering if what he felt for his ex was true love and that I just didn't understand it. He hyperventilates from emotions when he's around her, constantly looks at her pictures, and tells me how much chemistry they share. It's not true love and it's not unrequited passion. It's sick. These phases come and go, and I know when he's stable he's just the best boyfriend, isn't he? It's not worth it though. These episodes only come more frequently and last longer as the relationship goes on. Two months ago his ex told him to break up with me, and he did (again), but I promised myself not to take him back ever again. The last time this happened he spent two months begging on his knees for me to take him back, and even though I don't regret the relationship as a whole, I regret being naive enough to think he could change. Maybe years and years later, once he decides to help himself and pull his life in order, you can consider a healthy relationship with him. But, chances are, you'll find someone much better and move on.

Feel free to write me. I know that I find it comforting to learn about others' experiences in this realm. Somehow it makes his actions less personal and therefore less painful.
wow.thanks.It does help to know someone else has gone through the same thing. I think having low self esteem also made this a bigger deal. I think I have for the most part moved on but when I sit and think about it I sometimes still wonder.
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